Optical fiber connector (Optical collimator)

Mitsubishi Pencil has successfully developed a connector that makes the optical fiber connection very simple, something that is essential in this era of optical communication.
We provide a high precision, low-cost optival connecting method based on our company`s strength, a high-precision / high-volume production technology used for ballpoint pens.
We think that by simplifying the connection of optical fibers, we can contribute to the expansion of optical communication.(See the following details of use.)

*The system alignment is obtained through magnets.

Fields of Application

・Optical interconnection between 4K, 8K TVs or within devices
・PC, tablet interface
・Smartphone interface
・Optical communication interface
・Wearable terminal
・In-car optical communication
・FA optical communication
・Data center
・House optical interconnection

Manufacturing Approach

Optical collimator principle of operation

By applying our own volume-production technology for ballpoint pens pipe tips, the distance between the lens and the optical fiber can be controlled with high precision.
As a result, the light that comes from the optical fiber can be transmitted as a parallel beam of light to the next collimator, without significant increase in loss due to misalignment.

Advantages of the optical collimator

The use of lenses minimizes loss if the beam of light is deviated from the axis.