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“The finest quality is the best service”

Our company has experienced steady growth for more than 130 years since its founding in 1887.Over this long duration of our existence, we thank you for embracing and patronizing our products.We launched the pencil “uni” more than 60 years ago under the company motto, “The finest quality is the best service”, and it is still regarded as the highest quality pencil.Additionally, over 40% of our total sales are exported to overseas markets.

Since we began selling the water-based ballpoint pen “uni-ball” internationally 40 years ago, we have gained tremendous trust as makers of high-quality, high-performance water-based ballpoint pens from consumers across the world.
Recently, our smooth oil-based ballpoint pen “Jetstream” has gained popularity and increasing sales not only in Japan but overseas as well.

Under such circumstances, I feel that the environment surrounding our company is changing rapidly.Climate change issues such as global warming are at the forefront of these matters, and corporate attitudes and actions of companies have come under strict guidance. We are thus focusing our efforts and know how towards addressing and solving these issues, such as developing environmentally friendly products and innovative alternate packaging materials.

Furthermore, I think there is concern that the expansion of digital technology will significantly reduce the demand for writing instruments. Rather than accepting this fate, we see these changes as opportunities for us. By exploring “writing,” “drawing,” and “remembering,” which are the basis of writing, we will devote ourselves to create products and services that will be useful to everyone in the digital society.

Finally, one of our core strengths lies in our technical capabilities in developing high-quality writing instruments. The technology that helped cultivate our writing instruments, which has been continuously refined since its establishment, is widely applied to other business fields of cosmetics, dispersion technology, and carbon, and is expected to grow as a new business sector in the future.

We will continue to evolve by flexibly adapting to changes in the times without resting on our tradition.

Shigehiko Suhara

Shigehiko Suhara