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Striving to be the world’s top company for expressive innovation

Sixty-three years ago, uni was born—aiming to be a pencil of the highest quality, rivaling products from overseas. Its writing performance attracted many, and it gained popularity as the high-grade pencil people had been looking for. As time passed, uni became more familiar due to progress in technology and changes in the market, and it became a mainstay of writing and drawing by people all over Japan.
The guiding principle for manufacturing at Mitsubishi Pencil is found in the brand name “uni” which derives from the word “unique.”
For our products and services to be beloved throughout the world, they must be unique and of the highest quality. I believe that this will result in expression of the uniqueness of more people.
"Everyone is unique in their own way.”
That’s our conviction at Mitsubishi Pencil. Everyone is unique, and it is those differences that are beautiful.
Expressing those differences is a wonderful thing, and we want to communicate that to all people by supplying writing implements. The joy of expression will surely never change, no matter how technology advances and means of expression evolve.
For this reason, Mitsubishi Pencil will return again to the origin. We will be reborn from a “writing implement manufacturer” making tools for writing to an “expressive innovation company” delivering the joy of expressing each person’s uniqueness. Methods of expressing uniqueness go beyond just writing on paper. Going forward, we will create and innovate new expressive experiences, in addition to producing the writing implements that have been our focus thus far. We will offer new expressive experiences to people in Japan, and all over the world. In this way, we hope to contribute to the realization of a free, borderless society colored with the uniqueness of all people.

Shigehiko Suhara

Shigehiko Suhara