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Trademark and Brand

About the Mitsubishi Pencil Trademark

Masaki Pencil Manufacturing Company, the forerunner to MITSUBISHI PENCIL COMPANY, LIMITED was established in Naito Shinjuku (now the Naito area of Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward) in 1887 by Niroku Masaki. It was at the 1878 Paris World Fair that Mr. Masaki observed a pencil for the very first time, and he immediately was inspired to create one for himself. He began performing extensive research and eventually succeeded in producing Japan’s first pencil. In 1901, after numerous setbacks and repeated experimental mistakes, he finally persuaded the Ministry of Communications (the current Ministry of Internal A f fairs and Communications) to purchase pencils that he had designed especially for government agency use.  Relieved that his days of frustration were now behind him, Mr. Masaki searched for a way to mark this momentous occasion and eventually came up with the idea of registering a commemorative trademark. As his pencils for government agency use were produced in three grades of hardness (lead core density)— appropriately termed No.1, No.2, and No.3 — he decided to engrave them with the Mitsubishi "three-diamond" mark, derived from the "three fish scales" of the Masaki family crest. Both the Mitsubishi mark and trademark were registered in 1903, preceding the registration of the trademark of the Mitsubishi industrial conglomerate by 10 years.
The Mitsubishi mark has been handed down and exists to this day as a symbol of the tradition and pride of the Company’s founder.

  • Niroku Masaki

  • The Masaki family crest

  • The Mitsubishi "three-diamond" mark

  • The pencils that he had designed especially for government agency use

Corporate Brand for a New Era

For most people, uni probably conjures up the image of a uniquely reddish brown colored pencil. The uni pencil has been a highly popular and long-standing product since its launch over 50 years ago, in 1958. In recent years, the logo has transcended being merely the name of a pencil and become recognized as the brand for all our innovative new products. Today, the logo is the corporate brand of Mitsubishi Pencil Co.,Ltd. Both in Japan and elsewhere throughout the world, the mark (derived from the word "unique") symbolizes a unique company that consistently develops products based on fresh ideas and continues to enrich and brighten the lifestyles of its customers.

  • Corporate Brand "uni"