Supplier Code of Conduct

Mitsubishi Pencil Group is committed to understanding legal compliance, environmental conservation, human rights, health and safety, business integrity, and consumer issues, associated with our supply chain. To ensure Mitsubishi Pencil Group meets these social standards and norms, and to promote procurement activities considering them, we established this Supplier Code of Conduct.
We request our suppliers to comply with this Supplier Code of Conduct in order to strengthen mutual trust and build stronger business partnership.

1. Mitsubishi Pencil Group Supplier Code of Conduct

A. Human Rights


Suppliers are requested not to discriminate due to any reason such as race, gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, religious belief, disability.

Freedom of Association

Suppliers are expected to recognize and respect the principle of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Employees shall not be threatened or revenged by the company due to the association or collective bargaining. Their right to have direct and open communication should be guaranteed.

Working Hours

Suppliers are required to properly manage the total working hours in a week of employees within the maximum limits established by applicable local laws and regulations.


Suppliers are required to comply with any applicable local laws and registrations relating to payment of wages, overtime wages, and allowances stipulated by local laws and regulations.。

Prohibition on the use of Forced Labor and Child Labor

Suppliers shall ensure that all labor is voluntary, and surely guarantee employees' right to leave their job. Suppliers must not employ workers under minimum age stipulated by ILO (International Labor Organization).

Prohibition of Inhuman Treatment

Suppliers are requested not to engage in any physical or mental maltreatment, any harassment (such as sexual harassment, and power harassment etc.) or any inhuman treatment that damages individual dignity.

B. Health and Safety

Working Environment

Suppliers should make efforts to prevent an accident or a disaster in advance, and to provide and maintain a safe working environment.

Preparation for Emergency

Suppliers shall assume and recognize any accidents can happen in an emergency, and shall be prepared to take contingency measures that minimize damage to life, environment, and property. (e.g., reporting system in an emergency, evacuation training, fire detection system, fire-fighting equipment, emergency exit, post-disaster reconstruction plan, etc.)

Health Management

Suppliers are required to take measures to prevent occupational injuries and illness, and provide an appropriate management system which is mindful of employee’s physical or mental load. Suppliers are also required to comply with any applicable laws and regulations related to the working environment and to provide and maintain a safe and wholesome work environment.

C. Business Management

Legal Compliance

Suppliers are required to comply with the applicable laws and regulations of each country and region on their business operations, enforce legal compliance, organize and implement a code of conduct, a confidential compliance hotline, and related education etc.

Fair Trading

Suppliers are required to do business appropriately based on fair, transparent and free competition.


Suppliers are required to comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning political donations or contributions and strive to build transparent and fair relationships with political or administrative bodies. Suppliers shall not engage in corruption, extortion, embezzlement, or bribery to derive and /or maintain an unfair profit or improper special treatment.

Disassociation with Antisocial Forces

Suppliers are required not to trade or have a relationship with any antisocial forces which are threats to social order, security, and an obstacle to economic activities.

Quality and Safety of Products

Suppliers should guarantee the quality and safety of their products.

Intellectual Property Rights

Suppliers shall be sure to pay attention to and protect their intellectual property rights from being infringed by any third party. Do not engage in any activities such as illegal acquisition or usage of patent, design, logo, etc. belongs to a third party, illegal copy of software or books/publications and so on.

Protection of Personal Information Security

Suppliers are required to manage and protect the personal information of the company, suppliers, customers, and any other third party.

D. Environment

Environmental Conservation and Protection

Suppliers are required to establish the company-level management system to promote the activities of environmental protection and comply with applicable laws and regulations related to environmental protection.

Creation of a Sustainable Society

Suppliers should make efforts to promote substitution, preservation, recycle and reuse of resource and materials, and try their best to reduce waste.

Prevention of Global Warming

Suppliers should proactively put in place measures to prevent global warming.

2. Communication

We request suppliers to communicate and inform all employees of this Supplier Code of Conduct which should be accessible and be translated into the local language where necessary.

3. Status review

In order to grasp the actual implementation status by suppliers, we may request our suppliers to respond to a questionnaire from Mitsubishi Pencil or a third-party auditor. We would like to ask for the understanding and cooperation of all suppliers and their subcontractors of the products or the services provided to Mitsubishi Pencil group in compliance with this Supplier Code of Conduct.