Vision / Philosophy


The World's Most Expressive Innovation Company.

Mitsubishi Pencil will become the world's leading expressive innovation company, to help bring out the individuality and creativity of people everywhere through our products and our belief that "everyone is unique in their own way”.


Uniquely Beautiful.

Beautiful artwork made by children are all unique in their own way. The way you hold a pencil, or move your hand reveals your individuality. If we draw with the same color, shape, and perspective, no two will be the same. A writing tool has the power to bring out the uniqueness of each person with the power to elevate, enrich, and empower one another.
For everyone's happiness, we need each other. At Mitsubishi Pencil, we are always in touch with new technologies, and embrace "difference", whether gender, culture, ability or whatever
makes us unique, as new possibilities of self expression that bring people together.
We want to build a future where everyone can express freely, and embrace our differences as something that makes us who we are.
All to create a world where all colors can mix together.
We have always celebrated uniqueness and that being different equates to beauty, and will continue to use innovation to promote this philosophy, and add color to our world of difference and diversity.