How to remove ink - Gel Ink, Roller ball -

  • Since our ink is designed with an emphasis on storage stability, dropping the ink adhered to, such as clothes and furniture, it is extremely difficult.
  • Even if those are washed by dry clearners, the ink would become lighter but cannot be removed completely.

In case you remove the ink yourself [from general clothing]

Please note
  • How to remove depends on the type of ink.
  • Detergents and solvents (water and alcohol) can damage clothing. Check the label and try it on a piece of clothing or in an inconspicuous place before using it.
  • Detergents and solvents can damage your skin. Please wear gloves.
Materials to prepare
  • (Weak) Alkaline detergent and solid soap
  • Lukewarm or tap water
How to do

Wet the part stained with ink with lukewarm water or water so that the ink does not spread.

"Squeeze" ink from the fiber.

Apply detergent or a solid soap to the part stained with the ink and rinse with lukewarm water or tap water after washiing by hands as "squeezeing" ink out from the fiber.

Repeat (2) step and when the ink does not come off anymore, finish with normal washing in a washing machine.